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Personal Concierge

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.” The Personal Concierge is born out of an ever-growing need for more free time. They provide hands-on assistance for clients who are short on time. Today’s hectic lifestyle places an ever-increasing demand on the limited number of hours in a day to accomplish what needs to be done. A Personal Concierge is the problem-solver with the know-how and ability to get anything done from organizing a closet to planning an estate sale.

Today’s Personal Concierge serves individuals and families - faced with multitasking issues, overworked professional strapped to meet a deadline, and retirees in need of helping hands. A Personal Concierge provides lifestyle management so one can devote their precious time to what really matters to them.  Outsourcing one’s to-do-list or special project to a Personal Concierge is often more cost effective then taking time-off from work to do it yourself. The value of a Personal Concierge is in their resourcefulness, organizational ability and disposition for multi-tasking. Unlike an exclusive personal assistant under contract to one client (24 hours a day – 7 days a week), a personal concierge has a number of clients and dedicates only a few hours a week to that client or project. Since every client has his or her own unique to-do-list, Personal Concierges offer a variety of specialized services. If you find yourself too busy, stressed-out, and overworked to “do it all”... Perhaps outsourcing your to-do-list to Just Ask is the answer. 

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