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The Cost of Disorganization

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As a Personal Concierge I am often called  upon to resolve  professional and  personal situations involving disorganization. When I meet with a potential client for  the first time, I often don't quite know what I will find. Some individuals describe their situation over the phone as just a bit of  clutter here and there, while others realistically acknowledge that they need professional  assistance to bring order back into their world. I specialize in bringing about calm out of  chaos.

Recently, I accepted an administrative assignment to organize a developer's office.  My first impression of the office was  that it appeared modern, clean and orderly. That was until I opened the file cabinet  and discovered that everything from airplane records to rental property in Hawaii was interfiled between seven active bank accounts which had not been reconciled in over  90-days. I had been called-in because bills were not being paid on time, late fees were being  imposed,  overdraft fees were being levied and the administrative assistant was let go for cause. These neglectful actions had a direct impact on the firm's reputation, credit and customer and community relations. The perception of being insolvent and unreliable does not  bode well in these difficult economic times. Disorganization is costly, and it can negatively harm  a business and its reputation  if not addressed and eradicated. Another area in which disorganization is costly is in one's home. If for example you wish to sell your home, the first thing your realtor will tell you to do is "eliminate the clutter". Clutter detracts from the ambiance of your home. A potential buyers first impression is often their last impression if the home is not shown in its optimal condition. The respect and love you devote to your home by keeping it tidy and uncluttered communicates to potential buyers that your home is worth their energy, love and MONEY!   Should these scenarios be applicable to the chaos you are experiencing either professionally or personally, please call me. I would be delighted to ascertain your situation and assist you in bringing about a solution to the cost you are paying for disorganization in your life.

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