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"I’m grateful for the superb service Alicia provided in assisting me in finding a place to live in Reno. I was new to the area and after meeting me, she was able to identify an excellent space for me that fit my needs perfectly. She also took the time and care to provide me with many recommendations for other services I would need as a newcomer.Thanks Alicia!"


"Alicia is a delight to work with! She keeps me focused and working in a consistent method so I accomplish 3 times as much as I would working on my own. My closets, pantry & garage have been transformed. Every time I work with Alicia I feel 25 pounds lighter!"


"I wanted to send a quick email and thank you for all of your hard work in getting us to Burning Man! Not only were you quick to respond to each of my inquiries, efficient, and a pleasure to work with- you gave me guidance on things I wasn’t completely familiar with (saving me a lot of trouble in the long run!!) I really appreciate you going out of your way to pick up the bikes for us, and the photos you sent of everything along the way.  I felt no stress knowing that you were taking care of everything. Thanks again for the amazing job- I hope to work with you again in the future!"


"I asked Alicia to come to my home last fall to help me organize my three car garage, so that it can actually house 3 cars! She arrived well prepared with information and photos along with suggestions that I will be implementing when I actually do the work in a few weeks.


Her input gave me direction and helped me move from a state of being overwhelmed to knowing that it can be done with an organized mind and action to follow."


"Last fall, we sold our house in 7 days and closed escrow in 3 weeks! We had to pack-up our 3,100 sf house, move some of our stuff into a 1,200 sf apartment and put the rest into storage. The task seemed insurmountable but lucky for us, Alicia came to our rescue. Working together we created a schedule where I would set things out for packing the night before and the next day Alicia wrapped, inventoried and boxed-up all of the items. We were able to get everything packed, donated or re-purposed right on schedule. With all of Alicia’s common sense and practical experience the process was very manageable. Alicia even helped deliver items we wanted to donate to various charities around town. Six months later, we’re finally settling into our new home and as I unpack the last of the boxes, I can honestly say that not one thing was damaged.   Alicia’s organizational skills and “Zen attitude” really helped make our move a success. Thank you, Alicia!"


I have had several jobs done by Alicia Wright with Jusk Ask over the last couple of years. I am a busy mom with a husband and 3 sons. I am a fitness coach and own a personal training business. So for me getting things organized around my house was definitely not a priority on my to do list and the piles and chaos continued to grow.  Every time I went into my office (the landing zone of all things) my file cabinets, pantry and closets I would get irritated and grumpy. I finally decided enough was enough and I reached out to Alicia for help.


Alicia came at a time that was convenient for me, her system in seeing what I wanted to keep and get rid of was really fast and easy and once she spent only about 20 minutes with me, I was able to go off and do what I needed to do while she did her magic. I have been so happy with the end result of how she organizes everything from my photos, files, pantry, and closets. She created a system for me that I can easily follow and have been able to stay organized for over a couple of years now. It is so refreshing to have a system where everything has a spot and the energy in my very busy home is better for it. 


Thank you Just Ask!! 


When my stepfather passed away, I was charged with the responsibility of selling the family home. This included the division of personal property amongst family members and disposition of unwanted items.  Overwhelmed by the immediate need to clear the home, I called my friend Alicia (DBA: Just Ask, LLC) for assistance. Without hesitation, Alicia traveled from Nevada to the Bay Area to assist us with this immense undertaking.

Several years later, the condo I was living in was sold.  I had only a matter of weeks to find a new home, pack-up and move. Once again, I called upon Alicia for assistance.  She came and helped my daughter and I expeditiously tackle the transition. Not only did we pack… we Marie Kondo our life. Clutter and items that no longer had purpose or gave us joy were donated or repurposed. Our new home was seamlessly organized and we settled-in with ease. 

I only have appreciation for Alicia (Just Ask, LLC) and praise her organizational talent. 


I recently had the privilege of working with Alicia Wright to clean out my closet. It was a big project where I wanted to remove things I did not wear and to make the closet itself a very special place to be.
Alicia began with understanding what I was trying to accomplish and what were my specific needs, and goals. She then gave me some materials to read that helped me understand all the benefits I would receive by “de-cluttering” and eliminating things i did not need. She determined what needed to be done then developed a plan, and then executed it perfectly.

I now have a closet that makes me feel like i am in a French boutique in Paris!!
Thank you Alicia!

If you are looking to enhance your life by making aspects of your home more beautiful, comfortable and inviting—my advice is to “ask Mrs. Wright”.


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